Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last (official) day of work!

And the weather has been lovely so I am resenting every moment I spend in this dungeon-with-no-windows. Gaah! I do have two more days to "give" them, as I'm being held to account for the 17 days' holidays I took in 2010 (instead of the 15 I am owed, as an employee with more than 8 years' service, according to the PEI Employment Standards Act.) I am also being screwed over for my holiday pay, as the only board member who's making the rules has declared that I am owed for time since January of this year, even though I have NEVER taken holiday time in advance of earning it, and I haven't taken any holiday time at all since April 2010. Is it any wonder that I can NOT wait to leave?
On to things that are more fun:
The plants in the greentent were really dry when I went to visit them yesterday after work. It was quite warm in there too. Today is windy from the north so it won't get so hot, but it will be sunny. The first tatties are showing (in 6 of 7 pots), but I'm not ready to put any more compost on just yet. They're really tiny. Karen gave me some more pots, bless her, and I potted up more of the tatties and split up some of the strawberries which I'd put in the same pot.

Then on Sunday when we got back from the pub I found that the wobbily shelving unit (seen above) I'd put them on had fallen over (pushed by the wind and the blue panel at the back) and dumped a number of the strawberry pots out. While re-potting them I had a chance to check out their roots, and there were a very few really small white ones, in addition to the old brownish ones that they had when I first potted them up. I'm going to continue to assiduously pick off the blooms. They really aren't ready for production yet. I am thinking of making them a spot against the greenhouse when I put them outdoors, although that won't happen soon - there's a 4 degrees and chance-of-frost prediction for tonight. What a great year to have a greentent!
I'm off to Veseys again today for more seeds - lettuce and edible pod peas, and I suppose anything else that takes my fancy. I'm really starting to think we have a LOT of space in the vegetable garden for two people. If I ever get all 5 of the beds completed that will be 35 x 5 = 175 x 3 feet or 525 square feet of space. I'm still looking for the cheap and long-lasting solution for making sideboards for the beds, although I did buy another bundle of stakes on Monday - enough for another bed-and-a-half, if only I had the sideboards to go with them!

I am very pleased with the Liatris bulbs that I potted up. They are coming along like gangbusters in their pots (I must check online and see how tender they are), with several plants, or I suppose flowering stalks, per pot. They are the bright green ones in the photo above. I'm going to do it like this from now on, with corms and bulbs. Apparently they grow to 4 foot high. I'm excited about that.

The tall things that I think are alliums are popping out of their casings today - and they are a lovely magenta colour. Can't wait until they're full out. They are taking their time, so I hope they last a long time as well.

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