Friday, May 27, 2011

Can't - wait - summer!

This was Emily's comment whenever we had filthy weather. However, today is glorious! It was 18 when I did my walk this morning, on the trail behind the Mall. Apparently we will have thundershowers this afternoon and evening. I think I must make an effort to put up some guy ropes on the greenhouse. I think the camping supplies should yield some things I could use for the purpose.
I did do a wander around the yard last evening and took some photos of growing progress - the most amazing thing is the Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum biflorum, probably). I planted it as a plant, so never saw it emerge in the spring - it comes up as a crazy-looking thing like the head of a snake, with all these folded-up leaves - which then gradually unfurl to overhanging branches with the little white flowers dangling in pairs along the stem. There's a white anenome out today, and a little arabis I planted by the stone steps last year is bloomin' lovely - very tiny so far, though.

The candytuft (Iberis) is coming out - I now regret that I pulled it apart last year as there are only two or three tiny ones versus the huge mat that it was last spring. But it was getting overgrown, and now that I know better I shall be pruning back after flowering this year, and they'll be more tidy plants.
The one surviving Nelly Moser clematis is coming along well. I am going to keep my eye on it - it's just under the bird feeder and there are sunflowers in plenty sprouting all around it. It's at the south end of the deck. The Samuel Holland climbing rose is just around the corner from it. I fear we may have to re-do the deck railings sometime soon - the deck, being made of cedar, is fine - and then the climbers may be challenged. I think I should make an obelisk for the clematis, at least. The rose is nowhere near ready to be tied to the deck rails at the moment.
I planted sweet peas in pots, and they are sprouting now - put them out in the deck greenhouse for the moment, as they are stretching quite a bit. Must organize more shelves for the greentent this weekend.
As of the end of May I am being laid off at work - and I don't go back until the end of September. Money-saving plan by the Corp. Aah well, I shall have plenty of time to garden. And I'm looking into the "pension-at-sixty" thing as well. That's only next June, after all.

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