Sunday, May 15, 2011

and the Rain goes on...

But at least the wind had stopped, so we got out in the garden yesterday. I did some potting on, and then started a lasagne bed, just behind the lilac hedge, facing the garden. I'm thinking small fruit bushes. After I put down cardboard and wetted it, I put on some potting soil from a bag - just to hold it - and then decided to mine some compost for it. There's a pile at the end of he spruce hedge that's almost gone. Because it was so wet, the cooch grass peeled off with no problems, but the soil/compost was really heavy! I put the first few loads on the raspberries, to give them a start for the year. I still only have one row tied up - the wind and weather snapped off our expensive stakes so I don't know what to do. Whatever it is, though, it has to be soon.
Fred came to help and we finished up the whole pile - there were a lot of sticks in which hadn't composted, so we put some on the burn pile and some in the green bin. And then I raked and seeded for grass. Of course it POURED in the night so the seed is probably all washed under the spruce hedge by now.
Anyway the lasagne bed is up to the top of the cedar post with compost, and a bit of pine needles and some kitchen waste. I'll add more leaves and stuff and more kitchen waste. And then think about fruit. I know we can't grow currants (because of the white pine rust) so I'll have to check and see if maybe gooseberries are less dangerous.

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