Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some dancing, less knitting

We had a great time with Bert and Annie Moran from Co. Cork who came to PEI and taught at the dance class last Wednesday night. We danced the Black Valley jig set, it was lots of fun. A really neat slide- and -kick around the house move. Then Thursday there was a workshop for the pipers and then a seisiun, where we played and danced. Lovely.

Knitting is on the back burner a bit as I adjust to a new part-time job. I have almost finished the second Pomatomus leg, and knit a bit on the Secret Stole...still on Clue #1, while keeners in the group have finished Clue #3! It is getting easier as there's finally something to hold on to while manipulating this tiny lace weight yarn. My beads are small - 11's - so I am putting then on with a needle and thread. Much better than my attempt with wire from a needle-threader. There's much to learn from the group but sometimes the sheer volume of mail is overwhelming.

So here I am being overwhelmed.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I can't believe it's October!

The red Kroy (it's called Retro Red, isn't that great?) is slowly becoming Pomatomus socks. It's a really neat pattern but a bit time-consuming because almost all the knit stitches are tbl - which takes a bit more time. However, they look good! Very ribby but good stretch.

The loon socks are done and put away in the "Christmas chest". I find the colour-work so much easier than cables that I'm looking for "celtic key" patterns to do some colour-work sock designing.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

First day of Autumn

Today we took my father-in-law and went down to Southern Kings to the 70-Mile Yardsale. It was a bit cloudy when we started but it cleared and was simply gorgeous for the rest of the day. We saw a lot of things, and even bought a few - organic plums, a Shasta daisy plant, cinnamon rolls, a telescope, and I found a bag of Kroy sock for $10. There are five balls of red and one of a heathery blue-green. I was so pleased! Now I can make some of those fancy "lady" socks I have so many patterns for - Coupling, Falling in Love, Happy, or some of those lovely Drops socks with lace. I just have to finish the foot on the second loon sock, because if I don't, I'll be over the limit on "on needles" projects - and even more important, I won't be able to use my fave 2.25 needles.

And in red they'll be very "Christmassy".

Monday, September 17, 2007

Ravelry and Knitting

Spent the weekend adding some of my projects to Ravelry, and working on the second pair of Nancy Bush's Huron Mountain socks, (both destined for Christmas presents). I have just decided to remove the ribbing on the Jellyfish shrug and do it again, as it is too big and floppy. Pictures to come. However I love the pattern so will probably make it again, it is so quick, and looks so different in different yarns.
Saturday was a wild weather day so I knit and baked, many different pumpkin things (I am de-stashing the freezer for THIS year's produce). including muffins, cake and waffles.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dancing and Knitting! What could be Better?

Just back from a wonderful weekend in Halifax where we attended a dance workshop with Michael Lochnane and learned the Sliabh Froach set, danced at a ceili, and again at The Old Triangle on Sunday afternoon. Camera batteries died so no photos. Sorry!

Also got to visit The Loop Cafe and bought yarn for The Secret Stole, my first ever KAL - and something else, but it's for Crimbo so no peeking.

Dance classes start this week! I've missed it so much over the summer.