Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some dancing, less knitting

We had a great time with Bert and Annie Moran from Co. Cork who came to PEI and taught at the dance class last Wednesday night. We danced the Black Valley jig set, it was lots of fun. A really neat slide- and -kick around the house move. Then Thursday there was a workshop for the pipers and then a seisiun, where we played and danced. Lovely.

Knitting is on the back burner a bit as I adjust to a new part-time job. I have almost finished the second Pomatomus leg, and knit a bit on the Secret Stole...still on Clue #1, while keeners in the group have finished Clue #3! It is getting easier as there's finally something to hold on to while manipulating this tiny lace weight yarn. My beads are small - 11's - so I am putting then on with a needle and thread. Much better than my attempt with wire from a needle-threader. There's much to learn from the group but sometimes the sheer volume of mail is overwhelming.

So here I am being overwhelmed.


Bethany said...

I wish I could knit socks....ahhh warm wooly socks!

Mary Burke said...

Actually, bethany, it's easier than you might think. If you've knitted at all you can knit socks. Just pick a pattern and follow it!