Monday, January 21, 2008

New Year's Res: Blog More

If I was on high speed at home it would make life so much easier. And the computer needs an upgrade as well - however the former has to happen before the latter.

Knitting is going on apace - I have socks to finish (one slightly-more-than half for Emily and one whole one for her bf Jeremy), and I've made one of several Ice Queens from Knitty Winter 2007. What a gorgeous pattern. And I have started a Durrow sweater for Fred ( that pattern is from Mag Knits). I have to finish up the socks so I can move on to other things. Ravelry is terrific for helping plan new projects - just looking at what others have done is SO inspiring.

On the dancing front we went out to a great dance at the BIS on Saturday - it was a bilingual event with a dance teacher from Montreal - never introduced - who had us dancing Quebec-style square sets. They're quite a bit longer and QUITE repetitive compared to the Irish ones. And they're called too, so no need to remember anything for too long.

In any event it was a great time, with many participants, and quite a few musicians - in fact, each grouping played for only one set. They were all 15-20 minutes long, though, which must have been exhausting.

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