Sunday, September 23, 2007

First day of Autumn

Today we took my father-in-law and went down to Southern Kings to the 70-Mile Yardsale. It was a bit cloudy when we started but it cleared and was simply gorgeous for the rest of the day. We saw a lot of things, and even bought a few - organic plums, a Shasta daisy plant, cinnamon rolls, a telescope, and I found a bag of Kroy sock for $10. There are five balls of red and one of a heathery blue-green. I was so pleased! Now I can make some of those fancy "lady" socks I have so many patterns for - Coupling, Falling in Love, Happy, or some of those lovely Drops socks with lace. I just have to finish the foot on the second loon sock, because if I don't, I'll be over the limit on "on needles" projects - and even more important, I won't be able to use my fave 2.25 needles.

And in red they'll be very "Christmassy".

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Carol said...

Lucky you... I had to miss out on the sale We only have one Car and Hubby had it at work :( And I really wanted to go!