Thursday, May 5, 2011

Growing Things

On my last trip to Veseys I bought some everbearing strawberry plants. I've potted them up in large-ish pots (still saving the largest ones for tatties) and made a bit of a plastic-covered cold frame at the south end of the little deck to keep them until the bigger greenhouse gets going. There were 25 plants in a $10 bundle! (I thought first they might be "Seascape", but I have found the listing for the ones I got - an un-named variety). I have been reading up on looking after them (as I plan to leave them in the pots) and I'll have to sink them in the earth and cover them so they will survive our dreadful winters. However, I am feeling pretty confident that they will do well under plastic. I have learned that for the everbearers, you do NOT pick off the blooms. So, good. They are advertised as having a big flush of fruit in June and then on and off throughout the rest of the summer. I'm willing to go U-Picking for my jam berries, and keep these just for eating fresh. Mmm.
I also got Liatris bulbs, and potted THEM up too - I am just sick and tired of popping those little dry bulbs into the beds and never seeing them again. With a greenhouse, I'll be able to take care of them until they can go out into the garden as plants.
Today I bought three perennials - two Heucheras (including Chocolate Ruffles! and even more gorgeous, Frosted Violet) and a geranium called "ballerina". And I got some Round-up to kill the perennial ribbon-grass which is the everlasting gift of the former owners of our place. They planted it and it has spread and spread, and digging does NOT get rid of it - so I'm bringing up the big gun. Look out.

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