Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Weddings and Garden Plans

We watched a bit of the RW this morning - it was very conveniently timed for those of us on the East Coast of North America. Started about 6 and left for work at 8:30. Took the car in to WalMart - again - and - again - their tire-inflater machine isn't working, so I can't get the tires changed. They are taking up a lot of room in the trunk of the car, I have to say. I want to get potting soil today and can't think where I'm going to put it!! I left the car there for an oil change and walked to work - took exactly 47 minutes. I think I'll cab back, though!
I've been looking at do-it-yourself greenhouses on the 'net. I think my reading tent with perhaps a PVC pipe roof will be fine. They seem to be using woven plastic greenhouse fabric rather than banking poly, which is what I was planning to use. Seems like it would be much more expensive. And, they seem to expect them to survive winter outdoors! I wasn't planning on that at all.
I'm planning to get some early variety potato sets today and start them in pots - finally a use for all of those big black plastic pots I get with roses and have never had the heart to throw out. I only hope that they are big enough. I'm going to do the layering thing that they do on The Beechgrove Garden. Much easier to hill up, and I can keep them in the greenhouse for a while before putting them outdoors. I'd also like to put the wee strawberry plants in the greenhouse too - they are in the tiny wheelie one on the deck today but they just aren't doing much growing yet. I think I'll keep them in pots too - there was a gardener who had set up a series of steps, with pots for strawberries - very east to net against the birds, etc. Compact and pest-free.

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