Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Almost Easter!

And we'll be off to Halifax for dancing on Friday. I'm really looking forward to it.
Last weekend was ECMAs here and we spent a lot of time in concerts and saw a lot of great groups and musicians. Best? The Once were great, and Papilio was good - we had seen them in Victoria in the summer, of course, so did get to see more than a 25-minute set then. I quite agreed with the many comments about how awful it was that there were so many drunks shouting at each other at The Pourhouse that you could barely hear the bands. Funny thing happened: the Fire Marshal came, counted, and told the staff that they were 40 over capacity - so until 40 left, nobody else could come in. Some people spent 2 hours on the stairway waiting to come in - I'll be they heard the bands better than many who were actually in the room with them.
As a result I didn't get my Dangerous Turns sock finished in time! So I'm out of competition, which is fine with me - I can get back to knitting shawls! Apparently there's a new "in-between-rounds sock awaiting my download even as I write. Must do that. I did start a really easy shawl - one of those ones with a big bit of stockinette with a lace border, perfect for car-knitting on the trip to Halifax.
We are expecting snow (15-20 cm.) tomorrow so I'm not sure how the garden will do - I doubt it will be really cold, and set back the tiny buds on the trees, etc. It will be just a touch of Sheila's Brush. It will be gone by the weekend, I hope.

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