Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chilly as a Witch's...

Not much growing happening here as the temperatures are still in the single digits. I haven't been able to finish my greenhouse because the plastic sheeting is too wet to tape. We've had upwards of 20 mm of rain every day for days. No chance of a drought this spring. Farmers are starting to worry about getting on the land, and the winds have been worrying for lobster fishers, especially those who have to try to get out of silted-up harbours on the North Shore. Oh well, I'm sure this, too, shall pass.
Talking to Anne about plants - she has been totally converted to the lasagne bed concept, so I'm going to try it too (as soon as I can get outdoors again!!). I must collect newspapers, and various kinds of compostables (I have a whole front-yard-full of leaves and pine needles! I just have to drag them BACK from the compost heap!)
I've been studying plants for the west side of the house (I'm thinking lasagne beds along the foundation, with plants which don't get too tall) and it turns out I have quite a few already. It'll be a place for the glut of things like phlox and feverfew too.
I still want to plant shrubs - I saw hydrangeas at Jewells today, marked down from 12.99 to 6.99. Tempting!
So, I have not been successful in "Rounding Up" the dock weeds and ribbon grass - it didn't make the slightest difference - I'd just done a small sample to see how things went - and things didn't go. This being a cold-blooded killer is tougher that you'd think.

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