Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A whole day in the garden!

Actually it's only the morning, but it does feel luxurious. I did a lot of potting on in the greentent, then put 5 of the Rudbeckia (Cherry Brandy) in the bed in front of the lilac. And, miracle! I found a clematis, a beautifully healthy-looking one, growing in the bed, just in front of the rose trellis. The problem is, I have NO IDEA what it is, colour or brand or whatever - and of course that means that I won't know how to prune it either. You can just see it in the photo. I must buy an obelisk for it.
Part of my plan for the summer is to do over a lot of the beds which have gotten overgrown and weedy - and certainly the southern end of that bed is needing it a lot. Probably I'll wait for the iris to be finished blooming first.
Must get out and take some more photos.
At Vesey's I got more seeds and some columbine roots, which I soaked overnight and potted up today. I am beginning to worry that I won't have enough tomatoes - varieties or amounts - but I think at this stage I'll just have to buy some. I had better do that today, before there's nothing left but Scotia.

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