Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Holiday work

So, unfortunately, my greentent has gone - one of the aluminum tent legs bent in the wind and this took the whole thing with it. I'm falling back to the plans (available right here on the internet) for building one out of rebar and plastic electrical conduit. Haven't gotten it done yet, though. I am just using the plastic as a cover for a lean-to cold frame for now. But, even in the very short time I had it, I grew to LOVE my greentent so I have to have another. Soon.
I have planted a lot of the flowers that were in the greentent into the flower beds (almost all of the Rudbeckia, most of the Liatris) but I haven't tried any if the Cleome yet. They seem very tiny so far, given how tall they will get later.
I have to say that things are just popping along, even in the cold frame. My tiny seed-grown strawberries are beginning to look like plants! The cilantro has started to look like it could be put out sometime soon. I have planted more of the actual garden today - a lot of peas and one colour of beans - probably green ones. I threw away the bags when I soaked them so I don't remember. The yellows are soaked too, but the bed needs digging (and boards, darn it!!) and it started to rain, so I came away in.
Fred bought cedar posts at a mill in the Brae - 16 of them for $2 each, 8 feet long! These are to stake up the raspberry canes. I tried digging a hole for them - they have to go 2.5 feet underground, I think...anyway I started with the third row, and, on the east end, managed to dig down to the septic tile. It's only 18 inches below the surface!! So now I have to wait and see what we have to do - move over the post? Think of something else?
I've staked up all three of my clematis and they are growing like gang-busters. The lilacs are out, and I have bunches of both blue and white in the house. One of the alliums got broken off, so I have it floating in my $store glass bowl. What an amazing thing!

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