Thursday, June 9, 2011

Much garden work is done

Today I had a whole day at home, and I took advantage of it!

I cut the main part of the lawn; I hung out laundry and ironed what was dry from yesterday; and then I got to work on the staking of the raspberry canes. I dug 3 post holes and sharpened three posts (on my mitre saw), and actually pounded in two of them. I've decided that if I dig down 20-22 inches, and then pound in the post another 8-10, that will make 2.5 feet below and 5.5 feet above ground, and that should be enough.

The raspberries still haven't bloomed, but the buds are forming so I have to rush this job. It's a bit hard to do, though, especially the pounding part, so I don't know how many I can get done in a day. I think I should put one in the middle of the row as well. The rows are 30 feet long, almost, so wires stretching 15 feet - I hope it will work. I think stretching the wire might be a bit of a job.

Because I was away yesterday afternoon, the cold frame didn't get opened, and some of the plants got scorched - including three of the potatoes! Drat! I must go out and open it first thing every morning (unless it's raining, I suppose).

I did NOT get to the new bed on the west side of the house. However, the green cart was emptied today, so I can work away there and get the rest of the dreadful ornamental grass out and put in the bin, and then I think I'll cover the bed with newspapers and get the lasagne part going - before something else decides to move in. It's going to be a rather large space to plant. I think I'll use seeds for some of it at least.

The oil tank goes next week (probably Wednesday) and then I'll have the full 54 feet by 3 or 4 to work with! That is going to take a lot of seeds (and compost).
There are actually two teeny asparagus plants showing above ground (at last!!). I am supposed to feed them now, but I am afraid to put on composted manure on its own, in case they get scorched. I am going to have to buy more potting soil asap.

The lilac are at the perfect stage - some bloom but the tip of the bunch is still closed. Perfect!
I have a new-flowering geranium this year - a blue one. It's FAR more spectacular that the old pink one, which is the same style but not yet in flower - in fact there is a lot of foliage but not much bud showing yet.  I hope the blue one makes more plant quickly!

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