Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring is slow to come

I've been avoiding the outdoors as it's been very cold and miserable. Much snow still on the flower beds and garden area. Watching The Beechgrove Garden to gain inspiration and skills in the meantime.
I've been knitting madly because I hadn't received the pattern for Sock Madness Round 2 when everyone else did. I wasn't on any of the team lists. I stewed about it for a while, and finally wrote and asked why? And got much apologetic email about how I'd been missed by accident. Got the pattern Wednesday the 23rd, and wound the yarn and got going on sock 1 that evening. It's quite a complex pattern (Nornir) with a knit below rib for the leg, and then a slip-stitch pattern on the sole (where you usually get a break because it's usually all stockinette). Anyway, worked on them practically all weekend, while watching TV, and finally finished up last night at about 11:45. Then I had to get the old Dell fired up because the iMac is in the shop - curses! Finally did get the photos loaded up to my Ravelry page, then sent an email to sockmadness, and then (and only then) I checked the team lists to see if I'd made it. Phew! Two teams are completely finished, but MY team, Minnow, only had 14 finished (of 37). So I made it through that round. Because I was missed, I was put in the slow knitter team, which was fine by me. Took 6 days in all to knit the pair, though. Now I'm all keyed up and no new pattern to do (yet), so I'm going back to finish or work on some WIP's. No news on when the next pattern comes. Must wait until all 4 teams have 37 finishers, I suppose.
My seedlings are coming along apace but I would STILL like to be able to put them out on the deck in their little greenhouse - however, unless I'm home to bring them in if necessary I don't quite dare - and then it is supposed to snow (or possibly rain) this weekend. Brrr.

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