Monday, March 14, 2011

It was Spring - for a few days

The weekend was quite spring-like - lots of rain on Friday night and Saturday morning, and then it brightened up and actually became sunny later on Saturday. We were visiting friends in Western PEI so walked around Alberton on Saturday - it's a really walkable town. The snow is fleeing quite quickly, but it's much less lovely going than coming. However, we're glad to see the back of it. No chance of gardening yet, but I'm seriously considering a visit to Vesey's with my gift certificate to lay in some seeds I can start indoors - and I'm listening to my "Scotland's Gardens" podcasts to get expert advice and inspiration. Anyway, Winter has Returned! today with -4 degrees and a nasty NW wind. Ah well. It can't last.
Knitting is a bit dull at the moment, as I've embarked on Sock Madness again, and I have to finish the first pair of socks by this coming Friday. I'm in a bit of trouble because I had chosen two colours and chose the shorter skein for the main colour - and started to run out when I started the second sock! If you know what I mean. I could see that there wouldn't be enough to complete it the same as the first. So I started reversing colours. It is quite a big sock - a man's size for sure - I doubt if any man *I* know would wear fraternal socks. Anyway, the point is, if I finish these in time to get in the group I will get 6 more patterns and get to compete at the different heats, which get faster and faster until I'm knocked out. I've only competed once before, and I got knocked out in the second round, I think. But it's a companionable group and fun to do - and you've got some impetus to knit fast and get a few pairs of socks in the old Christmas present drawer. Knit knit knit.

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