Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quickly, quickly

Yesterday I started Anne's fingerless gloves, with a lovely pattern from Ravelry by Holly Terrell called "Swan Maiden Mitts". I've had the pattern for a while but hesitated to use it because it calls for lace weight yarn - seemed like a lot of work for something that would probably end up too small for me! However, with the Qiviut I thought it would be OK - the author does suggest that you can use bigger yarn and adjust the needle size. I went down to 2.5 mm from 2.75. This yarn is 80% merino, 15% qiviut and 5% silk, and it is soft and just yummy. It may not be very hard-wearing, of course, though I have high hopes due to the merino content. The pattern is great fun - the lace is only 23 stitches (of 60) and only every second row, so quite a lot of just plain stockinette between chart rows - and it's quite easy as well. Love them!

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