Thursday, October 30, 2008

...and now it's gone....

And it did fly away. Fast. Last weekend I planted 18 different kinds of bulbs for spring. There were two kinds of crocus, and a few pink tulips, and the rest were far more rare and interesting types: many kinds of alliums including "drumstick", Atropurpureum, and Sicilian Honey Garlic! All very tall and spectacular-looking.

Then there were many Fritillaries, including the checkered lilies I saw at the Province House flower beds with Anne in the spring. She said they're the Charles Rennie McIntosh flower, and sure enough they are - the little checkered patterns look just like his. Amazing to see in a flower! There were Dutch Iris - in burgundy and purple and called "Eye of the Tiger". There were others I can't remember - although all are carefully noted in my garden diary along with locations. Come on Spring!

We also moved some rugosa roses to the roadside - there were two David Thompsons and two Snowy Pavement. We watered for a couple of days and then it rained for two -I put the hose away because it's growing colder, but I may have to get it out again if they're droopy this weekend. And they should have some winter protection too, as they are just where the snowplough will pile up the snow mountains, come January (and February and March!). I hope the usual branches of the Christmas tree will be enough.

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