Wednesday, August 6, 2008


There's knitting, gardening, and music to report, though very little dancing lately. I think my knees are enjoying the rest - I can hear them creaking when I walk up and down stairs. That can not be good.
I did quite a bit of knitting on our trip to and from CIAW...made a pair of baby socks for a woman at work who's having a boy - or actually has HAD a boy by now - and finished a pair of purple Bridgits - one on the way down and one during the week, using down time during the dancing and at concerts, etc. There was only one time when my hands were too hot to knit - the yarn was sticking to them. Yesterday I finished another pair of baby socks, they're very fast and cute, too. Unfortunately I don't know too many folks who are having babies at the moment! Now I'm making a pair of slate grey men's socks, and they're rather dull so it's hard to get enthused.
The garden suffered quite a bit while we were away, so I've been weeding and discovering lots of surprises. There's quite a job of deadheading to come, as the feverfew is almost finished and is looking quite bad now, though it was still fine in the photo, with that (spit) yellow lily. Phlox and daylilies are coming out everywhere, though, in compensation!

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