Monday, June 27, 2016

Too Busy!

     This is iris 'Ziggy', the first time it's bloomed since I bought it at the Veseys fall sale in 2014. Pretty glorious.

        I've been gardening frantically, but knitting has gone by the wayside for the moment. We have a wedding NEXT WEEK so everything revolves around that. The bride and fiance arrived yesterday so I expect the pace to pick up considerably.

       In late spring we had two weeks of an upper-level low which dumped a lot of rain on us, but lately the warmth has come and the garden has benefitted. However, the peonies, upon which we have been basing a lot of floral ideas, have been held back nicely. I think we should have lots and lots for floral arrangements.
But not these babies, unfortunately. The two surviving tree peonies are blooming like good 'uns but they are now over, or nearly so. Spectacular, however! And this one, the Paeonia suffruticosa 'Renkaku had eight blooms!
      Now I am keeping a weather eye on my ring-around-the-rosey bed, as the Rosa multiflora should just about be blooming on July 3.  They will be just the ticket for a massive, ceremony-backing arrangement with branches over 10 feet long.  Now I just need a HUGE bucket, and something to disguise the fact that it is a bucket. No problem!
     Veseys has had another sale, this time of bare-root things, and as usual Anne and I have splurged quite A LOT. Lots of hardy hibiscus, roses, clematis - If the NEXT wedding is in five years, they should be ready.

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