Monday, March 14, 2016

Early Spring?

We hardly dare hope. But it has been mild and even rainy, so most of the snow is gone, and most of the ice in the river and the Bay. Yesterday it blew hard from the northwest, so I expect much of the ice in the Strait is over on the other side now. I certainly can't see any from here.
I have been starting seeds, mainly the really hardy ones in milk jugs for outside, and a few things in the house - sweet peas, peppers, anemonies (no sign of them so far, but Anne did hers at the same time, and, with the same result as me, excavated one last week. There are roots!) Most of my fuchsias are sprouting new growth here in the office, and the all-white ones have buds on, the crazy things! Unfortunately I'm not seeing anything on the more unusual ones - two triphylle 'Gartenmeister Bonstedt' I bought late in the season, and another really tiny one in the typical pink-and-purple. They may have gotten too dry in the garage.
I have put the smaller wire-and-plastic greenhouse out inside the polytunnel (which has withstood the weather perfectly!) and last weekend I put bubble wrap around it to see if I can keep it from getting below freezing inside it. It would be so lovely to put out some of the hardier things - I am sure the sweet peas would bush up (they are very stretched right now) and other things would do well. But it was -8 outside last night (and windy) so I doubt we managed above zero last night. I bought a great little battery-operated temperature and humidity gauge that records the lows and highs, so I have been keeping records out there for a couple of weeks. Soon!

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