Saturday, November 5, 2011

Remember, Remember

      It's Bonfire Night, and, unusually, it's actually Saturday on November 5th. Our traditional bonfire is getting set to go - I'm in the kitchen, mostly, making fall-ish food like pumpkin torte. I'll help with the firewood soon, though. It's snowing at the moment, but that's no bad thing. People will want to to get warm by the fire. At least it's not raining.
     The truly exciting part is that the roof is only partly done - I think the main shingling is completed, but I am not sure all the caps are on...and there is mess everywhere. I may try to gather up some shingle bits - I could use them on a possible shed, later on. The new soffit vents are not all in yet, either. Obviously another visit on Monday, then.
     The other thing is that the carpenter comes on Monday to start building our new kitchen cabinets. We've had to leave the ones we built - 35 years ago, my goodness! - because of the party, but Sunday, we have to rip them all out so he can get to work.
     I am not entirely sure how we will manage - it's being sink-less that is the worst, as we have the microwave, convection oven and barbecue if necessary - to cook on. But the bathroom sinks are less than useless. I must look for my plastic basin.
      Edited to add: carpenter called to say he is two weeks behind and so won't be coming to ours until November 21. We've packed the kitchen cupboard contents anyway, but now we will have another weekend to dismantle the old cupboards and, I hope, find new locations in the garage for the bits that can be salvaged. Oooh. Storage.

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