Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Continuing fine.

Yes, another clear and lovely day. It was 0 degrees when I did my walk this morning, but it was so calm and lovely that it didn't matter at all. I have to say, that  since the solar panels went in there haven't been many days like this. I'm hoping for a fully solar shower soon - perhaps tomorrow.

Kitchen renovation continues - not fast, exactly, but steadily. We got home yesterday to find that the carpenter's placed the sink exactly under the window (we said we wanted it offset to the right, so as to have more counter space beside the stove) but no, "it just wouldn't look right". Bugger.  Symmetry strikes again. He said he would change it but I said don't bother.
Also I thought he'd put the oak edging level with the top of the plywood but I think it's just reinforcement for the edge of the counter. We are going to put the Denshield tile backer, which is 1/2 inch thick, and then the tile, which is 3/8, over that. And then the actual edge goes on over that. We are putting the tile on the backsplash too, so we will need to figure out some sort of much smaller edging for that.

Otherwise it's lovely and clean-looking, and square (and quite symmetrical). Looks like there will be a fair bit of storage space. I'm getting a couple of cupboards with doors, but I think a trip to Lee Valley will net me some pull-outs that will make that space useful as well. We have to go there for our hardware, as the Mission-y 'hammered' look is available here in black but not in antique brass. That's for a while from now, but the Denshield has to go on tonight, so we can get to work on the tile soon afterward. Progress!

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