Saturday, June 3, 2017

My Garden Right Now, Take 2

           In the wake of Chelsea the gardeners of the world are taking stock again, so here I am. As before, I am very behind British gardens, with very little in bloom yet, but there is much potential. I shall be caught up in no time.
       This is the same view from March, with the raspberries leafing out and the vegetable garden going in, first bed is kale, beets, peas and carrots, just coming up. Second bed was tomatoes last year, so will be other things - probably zucchini and butternut squashes, cucumbers, etc. plus pole beans and maybe second sowings. Under the carpet is the new tomato patch, plus leeks, beyond that is onions and garlic, and then potatoes. There is a mixture of early tomatoes and flowers in the 6th bed. Espaliered apple is blooming!

On the other side of the lilac hedge. Again, not a lot of bloom, though the lilacs are on the verge, and the Solomon's Seal is doing well. I like the colours and textures of this view, though, and I can't wait for my purple-leaf birch in the foreground to come into full leaf. There will be many roses out soon just to the left, and the hydrangea peteolaris around the corner is about to bloom too.  In a couple of weeks you won't know the place!

         Today I finished edging "Primuland", where there are quite a few blooming things. It is looking well, and I am sure that it will be terrific when the primulas and other things fill out a bit more. I am building an associated "hot" bed next to it, where I shall put the yellow and orange flowers I've been finding jarring in the regular, pink-and-white-and blue beds. I think there will be blue in the hot bed as well, though, for contrast. I am not a hosta-lover, so my one and only hosta is at the very bottom of this bed - a little cutie called mouse ears.

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VP said...

What a difference a mere three months makes! Blink and you'll miss it all, as the fresh new growth takes over. Thanks for taking part in #mygardenrightnow again. By the way, my name's Michelle, not Maureen, or VP after my blog's name, Veg Plotting if you prefer ;)