Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Costume Party!

Last Year's bonfire was a great one!

           Our Guy Fawkes party this year will be the Saturday after Hallowe'en, so we decided to make it a costume one. Everyone seems to be thinking Elizabethan styles, so I'm going with Simplicity 3809: Misses Costumes with a full skirt, peasant-style blouse and laced bodice in a glitzy gold tapestry fabric. The hat with veil is interesting - definitely square-headed. I have a comb to sew inside to help hold it on, though I am dubious about how long it will last.

Men Costumes
        Fred's is a more sober black pants, white shirt and black (long) doublet with silver threads in a zigzag pattern. I cut the doublet last night but haven't sewn it yet, though the pants are done. They have laces in the cuffs instead of elastic - I may modify that. I gave him a zip instead of buttons as well. I think I'll find a velvet for the hat in a bright-ish colour to cheer him up.
        We have to get through The Ghost Walk first, however. It is tomorrow night, and as usual it will be raining. Gives a real spooky sense to the night, of course, but a bit mizzerubl for the ghosties waiting in darkened places. Brrr.  

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