Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another One! Oh No!

Yes, incredible as it may seem, we had another considerable snowfall yesterday and last night, combined with 70 kph wind overnight and this morning. Schools are closed, and the Bridge is closed to high-sided vehicles (it's a NW wind this time, you see). Most of our storms to date have been Nor'easters. I come to work on the private road from Mt. Edward Road to the Mall, this year the site of the Jack Frost Festival (on this weekend) and they are having NO trouble keeping their snow sculptures and skating rink frozen *this* year. No indeed.
It's all good for the knitting and the manipulation of seedlings. Looking at garden catalogues does engender a bit of a sense of disbelief, however (looking out at the hip-deep snow in the front yard). Working on the second of my Mockery socks, and trying to NOT cast on anything else until I get these two pairs of socks well and truly finished. But my mind is reeling with possibilities.

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