Monday, December 20, 2010

The weather isn't at all seasonal!

The Tree is in its new corner, complete with lights but not yet decorated. The house smells wonderfully of balsam fir (and a bit of white pine in a vase. I must remember to buy some fresh flowers to add some colour to that vase). It is quite a wonderful tree, shaped and pruned and quite thick. As we have never had one of these before, I am sure it will be a challenge to decorate.
We are expecting a nor'easter, apparently - complete with 40 mm of rain, wind up to 80 kph and storm surges related to the full moon and the solstice, which is coming with a lunar eclipse this year - although I expect that we won't actually see much of it, as it's already overcast. Portentous weather indeed. If I were Snoopy I would have the setting for a novel.
Em is on the train as I write. She has wifi just to Montreal, so I've emailed her. We pick her up in Moncton tomorrow, and Kt in Halifax on Wednesday...and then we are all home for Christmas! So even though the weather isn't cooperating, we shall have Christmas anyway.
It's snowing a bit at the moment, but the wind is picking up, and it is up to 2 degrees, with more to follow. We have been remarkably lucky throughout this wet, stormy and windy fall - unlike our sister Atlantic provinces. Knock on wood that the storm surge isn't too high and wild!

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