Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some dancing, some knitting

Just back from the Easter Weekend in Halifax, organized by the Halifax Irish Set Dancers led by Elizabeth MacDonald. And taught, of course, by the incomparable Pat Murphy. What a great teacher he is.

We learned three dances, and danced quite a few more, on Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon in the Old Triangle Pub.

I brought some socks to knit on in the odd moments of not dancing, and met Colleen, another dancing knitter (or knitting dancer, I don't know which). She was making a sort of bobby-sox with a turn-down cuff out of Opal 6-ply on 3.25 bamboos. They were very cute, and coming along much faster than mine, which were on 2.25 needles in Kroy sock. However they will all get finished in more or less time.

Now, to try to remember the new dances, come class on Wednesday!

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